Mahjong 3D DIY mahjongg solitairy by yourself

Fullscreen : play Mahjong 3D DIY mahjongg solitairy by yourself in fullscreen size

Tips : mahjong 3D is the best mahjong solitairy game I played,You have total control over your game,there are 6 kinds of tile images which are "classic","chrome","stone","numbers","win xp" and "tribal" ,25 default board layouts,and you can disign your own board layout

Advice : You see five buttons at the beginning, "START"button:start to play game
"layout"button,choose board layout,including 25 default layouts and layouts that are designed by yourself.
"tile set":choose mahjongg tile set
"editor" button,click this button,you design your own board layout,the total tile sets for a singel board layout is limited to 144 tile set,you can put those 144 tile sets on any place ,so you can design any layout shape
clicked "editor" button, you see 10 buttons:
"DRAW": add tile set to board
"DEL":remove tile set from button
"2D": 2D view --toggles to static static 2d-view (for slower computers)
"3D": 3D view--enables 3D-view (requires faster cpu)
"SAVE": save layout you designed as default layout
"DEFAULT" select layout form default layouts,then made change to default layout to make it your own layout
"CLEAR":remove all tiles from board,you beging to desine your own layout form a clean board,just click "DRAW"button,then click left mouse button to add tiles to board,when you finished your work ,don't forget to click "save "button to save layout you designed
"PREV": change to prev default layout
"NEXT": change to next deafault layout
"EXIT" :all work have done,click "exit" button to start game. what a good job.

Tips on how to play free on line solitaire mahjong games:

Online Mahjong solitaire games is a kind of puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game for four persons. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board