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Tips : There are sex Table in this majong game,Dream-very easy ,Towers-easy, Cloud-Normal ,Red dragon-Hard, Red Dragon-hard and Ninja-unbeatable  even for good mahjong solitaire game player,Now,It is time to pick the leverl fits you best to kick off the game,and have fun

Advice : To win the need to remove all the tiles from the table,Each character have only four files.Flower tiles and season tiles are diffrent and have only one of each kind,therefore,you can match season tile with any season tile (and so does flower tile),if you play well with luck ,you can win

Tips on how to play free on line solitaire mahjong games:

Online Mahjong solitaire games is a kind of puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game for four persons. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board