mahjong tower 2 the newest mahjong solitairy game

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Tips : mahjong tower 2 is a new mahjong tower game based on mahjong tower1,there are countless layouts to pick,X-Tower,Gloriette,Gloriette2,tray, key,balace,Lip,Fish,Sagittarius,Capricorn,Aquarius,Pisces,X-Tree,UFO,X,Diode,Umbrella,Boat,Roof Garden,very layout is totally diffirent,you can play for a whole week ,There are 12 levles from level 1 to level 2,I can only passed level 6,how about you,It's time for you to prove you are a sharp-witted man,just try it.

Advice : This mahjong solitary puzzle game is produced by ,a chinese website,so It's a really chinese mahjong game,very unique,all the tiles are real mahjong tiles,no other image or icon,best for those who are learning playing chinese "4 people mahjong game",I think It's more interesting to play "4 people mahjong "with huanm than playing with machine,real mahjong is hard to learn,those character tiles are too complicated,before you can play with people ,you need to drill your mahjong skill first,you can learn to play real "4 people mahjong " on our website too,

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Online Mahjong solitaire games is a kind of puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game for four persons. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board