shanghai dynasty mahjongg solitaire puzzle game

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Tips : shanghai dynasty mahjongg is a real mahjong solitairy puzzle,only mahjongg tiles,no other tiles such as animal,friut picture,or any type of images,totally real mahjong tiles, I think this is the best game for those who want to learn to play real mahjongg to get familiar with real mahjongg tiles, to put it simple,one stone with two bird

Advice : for new player,click "For kid"to choose easy level to learn to how to play mahjong solitairy game,for good player,click "ShangHai" to begin the advanced level, I have no ideal why this game is called shanghai mahjong,not beijing mahjong,shanghai is just a big city ,Beijin is the capital of china,I like those traditianal chinese dragon and tiger picture,There was a film called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon .I love Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon very much,I wonder how can human fly like a bird.I think it must be a myth film,how do you think of the  film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ,It's said that the actress zhang ziyi is wellcomed by western world,but chinese don't like her,it's just guys who know the why,email me

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Online Mahjong solitaire games is a kind of puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game for four persons. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board